Why serve with UCO?

The need:

In the united states, there are over 19 million college students. Every college student is seeking something: happiness, money, fame, a degree, a boyfriend or girlfriend, direction… the list goes on. What most college students don’t know is that someone is seeking them.

Jesus is actively pursuing every single student on your campus. And he is inviting you into his mission field: to be his hands and feet in the world.

He is calling those who have been transformed by the love of God and are willing to share that life-changing, transformative love with others. He is calling you.


Who we need:

  • Leaders that can mobilize student missionaries, build evangelistic environments, and reach college students with life giving relationships

  • Disciples of Jesus Christ, who know the Gospel, can present it, and call others to respond

  • Mentors that form ambassadors for Christ, and create transformative communities

  • Visionaries that send college graduates into a life of Christian community, discipleship, and mission

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Chances to lead and participate in objective-oriented teams

  • Large and small public speaking opportunities

  • Experience planning and executing multi-scale events

  • Being part of a collaborative decision-making process

  • Training in communicating vision

  • Plenty of chances to encounter failure

  • Growth in creative thinking, and improvisation

  • The opportunity to serve the Lord, and advance the Good New of Jesus Christ


Application Process

  1. Complete our “Initial Questionnaire.” This is intended to help you get your thoughts down and let’s us know you’re interested.

    Important Deadline: January 8. Last day to send in the questionnaire.

  2. After your questionnaire is received, UCO Missions will contact your local mission director. If your director confirms your interest, UCO Missions will send you an application.

    Important Deadline: January 15. Applications due no later than this date.

  3. UCO Missions will review your completed application upon receiving it. We will then set up an interview time with you.

  4. After your interview, you will be notified about our acceptance decision for the Mission Year program.

    Important Deadline:  February 15. Placement decisions sent to accepted applicants. We value and respect your preferences for placement; however, you may be placed in another location based on need. By accepting the Mission Year Program offer, you are agreeing to abide by the placement decision.

  5. If selected, you will have two weeks to formally accept the offer. Accepting the offer means you understand you will need to do Mission Support Raising (MSR) and that you are willing to serve in the chapter UCO Missions places you with.




Have more questions?

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Mikayla Thibodeau

Mission Year Program Administrator