Testimonies From Students and Alumni

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UCO challenged me to make a choice for God and this has made all the difference in my life, especially in my work dealing with life, death, and suffering on a daily basis. If Christ himself hadn’t been made clear, I would not be able to do my job. For that, I am forever grateful to UCO.
— Jane Lee, M.D., Pediatric Emergency Physician, Children's Hospital of Michigan
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Seven years after graduating, I’m still applying lessons learned in UCO. UCO reinforced the importance of regular prayer and Bible study, taught me to seek Christian community in new cities, and fostered a confidence which enables me to improve my church and cultivate community within it.
— Robert Munk, Ph.D., Economist
I left UCO knowing my true identity, a beloved daughter of Christ, and knew what that was meant to look like. In a time when Christ-like femininity is increasingly under attack, I don’t think the importance of what I learned in UCO can be underestimated.
— Mary Rose Jordan, Director & Co-Founder, The Lovely Commission